Sunday, September 9, 2007

Confidential tips by email

I have opened an email account for confidential tips. If you look at the sidebar on the right-hand side of this page, you will find the confidential tips email link under the "About Me" heading.

Information and confidential tips are the lifeblood of any media, and I hope some of you will provide me with information that you think is important for the public to know about. The following represents the policies I will administer with respect to any information you provide to me:

  • The information will only be published if it pertains to Saskatchewan politics and public figures.
  • Your confidentiality will be respected. No information that may serve to identify you will be published by me.
  • Your email address will be kept completely confidential. It will not be shared with anybody.
  • I will not publish anything that is defamatory.
I think that covers it, but if you have any recommendations on how this feature can be improved, I would be glad to hear from you.

Hello fellow Buffalonians

Greetings from the western side of the 4th meridian.

I have been watching the political scene in the eastern half of Buffalo for some time now, and have decided to add my voice to the debate.

I am particularly interested in posting about Mr. Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party, whom the credible pundits have anointed as the next Premier and government-in-waiting. My interest stems from the trite observation that the Saskatchewan Party is the most successful of the many provincial parties sired by the federal Reform movement. In fact, it is the only Reform spawn to have actually grown into a respectable, electable party. On the Alberta side of the border, the Reformers have been attempting to crawl out of the sewers and form an electable provincial wing for some time now, but all such attempts have ended in failure - at least so far.

It is my view that the Saskatchewan Party represents what all successful provincial Reform Parties will eventually evolve into - a capitulatory, sycophantic, and Ottawa-centric group of cowardly political opportunists. As such, those of us who eschew Canadian federalist parties from the Reform mold will be fully vindicated, as we witness Brad Wall's new government betray Saskatchewan's interests again and again, all the time acting like they are doing Saskatchewan residents a great favor.

The primary mission of this blog is to make a written record of these betrayals, and comment on how a proper provincial rights party would behave when faced with the same choices.

The other fascinating thing about Saskatchewan politics is the existence of the Western Independence Party - a party I endorse, and support - although I have absolutely no affiliation with them. They may be small, but the Wippers represent the only credible opposition to Saskatchewan Party duplicity on the federal-provincial front. The NDP are doctrinaire centralists, and simply have nothing to add to the debate.

Please visit again. I plan on turning things up a notch once the campaign picks up some steam.